Why Wishbone?

Food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic illness” – Mark Hyman

The modern diet is broken.

The quest for convenience and ever cheaper products has created a food landscape devoid of flavour and nutrition.

At Wishbone, we recognise that our wellbeing is directly linked to what we eat.

We know all too well that what we eat has a bearing on how we look, feel and age.

Unfortunately, many packaged food products are produced using poor quality ingredients, industrial cooking techniques, and the widespread use of additives and preservatives.

These methods result in poor quality and nutritionally deficient products. Take a look at the ingredients and nutritional content of an instant stock cube to see what we mean.

Yes, they’re cheap and convenient but tasty? Nutritious?

At Wishbone, we don’t compromise on quality and are committed to creating a premium quality range of delicious, nutrient-dense, heat-and-serve products for modern, health conscious families.