Looking for a fast, flavour some nutrition hit?
With Wishbone, you’ll get an indulgent broth, simmered to extract all the goodness.

If it worked for the ancients, it works for us now.

The enticing aroma of chicken broth … yup, you can’t beat the original global comfort food. Locally sourced Greek ingredients give our version extra indulgence. Plus, there’s plenty of collagen-rich protein. Heat and sip, or use in your favourite recipes.

You can smell the quality of this one. Fine beef, enhanced by vegetables and herbs, with a tang of tomato. All from Greece. One jar gives you oodles of collagen-rich protein. Enjoy it neat from a mug, or add it to soups, stews and other recipes.

Can’t decide? This pack will get all of your tastebuds tingling. You’ll always have the best broth to add oomph to your recipes. And with lots of collagen-rich protein, Wishbone is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, whichever flavour you grab from the cupboard.

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